Vibrant Synchronies – 2013

Thanks to The Kenny Gallery, Trevisan International Art (TIA) has the prestigious opportunity to present a selected group (13) of its artists who are harmoniously united by the vibrant language of art even if their expressions are varied. “Vibrant Synchronies” is for TIA an important chance to open up to an artistic exchange in a country, Ireland, that has always fascinated artists and curators like me.

Paola Trevisan

As Roger Scruton, an English philosopher specializing in aesthetics writes, “True artists control their subject matter, in order that our response to it should be their doing, not ours. One of the ways of exerting this control is through style.” Whilst each artist has his/her original style, he/she does not create in a cultural vacuum, but has been influenced by great artists and trends. In selecting participants for this beautiful exhibition, our emphasis has been on the lyrical (as opposed to the conceptual), and on abstraction, both figurative and non-figurative (as opposed to realism). You may find accents of post-impressionism, surrealism, figurative and abstract expressionism, neo-realism, to cite a few – all for you to discover and enjoy.

The Kenny Gallery

May 10 @ 18:00 — June 16 @ 21:00
18:00 — 21:00 (891h)

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