Canary Islands, Spain Hugo Rami Pérez

Hugo Rami Pérez

You could say that in a way, my paintings are my emotional diary.

My creation comes directly from my emotion. I call them MyBrain precisely because my drawings and paintings are directly related with what’s happening deep in my mind. When I look at them time after they’ve been made, they take me to the precise moment in the past I was painting, and it comes together with the emotion I’d been feeling at this moment.

In fact if I take a look at some in the order they have been made I can even recognize the waves of my emotional stage. You could say that in a way, they are some kind of therapy, my emotional diary. They started as personal drawings, that allowed me to go ahead through the path of life, and step by step they turned into something else, an unlimited way for my imagination to express and communicate, a philosophy for life.

I usually draw feelings I want to share, through impossible landscapes, cities, or worlds, using always the light as the way to spread them out. It is an eclectic work, made using digital techniques, with many sources and crossed references among architecture and painting, involving Surrealism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Futurism, etc.