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Charlotte Shroyer

Charlotte Shroyer chanced upon art in a class requirement for elementary education certification at The Ohio State University. In spite of her love for French and a B.A. in French, the degree did not prepare her to make a living so she became a teacher. It was in that class that the seed to become an artist was planted. After more than 20 years in education including a PhD in language and learning disorders and many years of adjunct art classes at major universities, the “art seed” sprouted on a serendipitous trip to Taos, New Mexico and Shroyer became a professional artist.

Shroyer is inspired by history, literature, and imagination. She
states: “Many of the figures appear on my canvas as if demanding to be
seen and to have their stories told in our contemporary society. I only
comply with their demands as I push colours and forms around their
emerging images. There is no denying them their voices as they appear
from somewhere deep in the unconscious.”

Shroyer has received numerous national and international awards for her
abstract and contemporary figurative oils and monotypes.