the Netherlands Georges de Groot

Georges De Groot

Drawing, painting and sculpting is a thread throughout my life.

In Georges de Groot paintings, a childlike spirit and a bold approach to colour and texture are combined.

Working in acrylics on canvas, he creates a world in which whimsical characters are placed in vivid abstract settings. Aiming for what he calls “a contrasting explosion of shapes, depths and colours,” de Groot employs his dynamic brushwork to strong effect, giving each colour and figure an active, vital presence. Colours overlap in rough combinations that call collage or street art to mind, but there is always an inherent balance and harmony that reveal the artist’s finely tuned visual sense.

The powerful lines in his compositions give them an iconic depth that contrasts with what initially appears to be their lighthearted nature. The artist lives and works in the Netherlands and regularly exhibited both nationally and internationally.