France Véronique Vallet

Véronique Vallet - Trevisan International Art

Time is long and short, the moment is immediate. My work is part of a long time, the one of research and a short time, the one of realization. It’s only one Time, time of creation.

The art of Véronique Vallet is based on historical, temporal principles associated with esthetics. She translates it through oil painting medium that she delicately masters in her colours. Subjects are art works of great realism that engage infinite, enigmatic spaces, this impossible perception of the relations figure/ground.

Expression of Vallet describes such spaces as if they were irrefutable like the certainty of a dream event that we remember when we wake up.

Her work is exhibited in galleries, exhibitions, international fairs in France, Italy, Spain, Usa, Japan, Russia and in private collections. 
She was published in different cultural médias, French, Italian, American. 
She received Silver Medal at ASL Paris, Award of excellence at TIA Bologna Italy, 2°Award of Still life at International Show Innsbruck Austria.