France/Colombia Rosario d’Espinay Saint-Luc

Rosario d'Espinay Saint-Luc

The vital energy, the life essence, the universe and the five elements are the sources of my inspiration.

From the Cauca Valley, in Colombia to the Ecuadorian Andes, then to Provence where she resides today, Rosario’s life is the story of an uprooting. Her abstract works form a link between her and her history, Nature which is her mother, and Humanity.

The search for light, rhythms and intensity are the foundations of her art. Committed to the preservation of our planet, her work explores the impact of the elements and vital energy on the course of our lives within our biosphere.

She uses acrylic and mixed media, pigments, ink and volcanic sand. Since 2000, her artwork has been exhibited in galleries and international art events all around the world like the X and the XIII Biennale of Florence, Biennale Lliut_Art (Spain), Salon Comparaisons, Salon des Indépendants (Paris), Ateneo de Madrid (Spain).

Painting Prize “Carzou Foundation” (France), “Premio Ercole d´Este” Ferrara and “Award of Excellence” Bologna in Italy. She is referenced on Artprice the world leader in art market information.