Australia Sieglinde Battley

Sieglinde Battley holds a BA of Arts (Fine Arts) from Curtin University
and a Diploma of Fine Arts from the WA School of Art and Design,
Perth, Western Australia. She also studied Graphic Design
at Kunstschule Carlo Ruppert in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Since 1982 she has held over 30 solo exhibitions of her paintings,
drawings and prints, with considerable commercial and critical success.
Her work has been exhibited in Australia as well as in Germany, Italy,
Spain, France, Norway, Ireland and New York. Her work has been
recognized with a number of awards and prizes. In 1986 she was
honoured with a Fellowship of the WA Arts Council.

Sieglinde is a storyteller. Her paintings are her response to daily life,
her autobiography. A tendency towards abstraction and use of symbols
have characterised her work over the past twenty years. She continues to
believe in the power of allusion over description, poetry over prose.

Sieglinde lives in NSW in Australia.