About Us

Trevisan International Art creates, with knowledge and great care, unique contemporary art events and promotes the personality and uniqueness of artists. Paola Trevisan, art curator and dealer since 2002, carefully selects talented and creative artists coming from all over the world and she personally takes care of all details of the events.

Founder of Trevisan International Art, Paola Trevisan draws from her more than 20 years of experience in the Art Business World to present amazing exhibitions and art fair participations in which the installation is a fundamental part.

Paola’s ability to internationally organize exhibitions, her unique curatorial eye and the great care for every single detail, in addition to a serious and transparent but also personal and accurate work method, play the keys role in the success of Trevisan International Art events.

The nine editions of Ferrara’s international contemporary art fair, the five edition’s of Trevisan in Madrid, the annual mini-format exhibition in Bologna, “Little Treasures”, and the art fair participations in France (Paris & Aix-en-Provence) stand out.

All exhibitions promote an international network of communication and provide a valuable and inspiring artistic, cultural and human exchange. Currently Trevisan International Art counts collaboration with artists from about 40 countries.

Paola Trevisan


Liberated Dreams 2012 - Ferrara


In choosing the theme for “Liberated Dreams”, I was particularly stimulated by the experience of an international artist residency that I recently attended as curator, and which has given me the chance to carefully observe artists at work, concentrating on their white canvases, aiming to let their own interior imaginary start flowing, quickly or slowly, into works where the visible and the invisible, by powerfully interacting, originate strong vibrations.

Trevisan International Art - 2018


The city of Madrid and its Ateneo were chosen to celebrate Trevisan International Art’s activity. forum created since 2003 in Ferrara (Italy) from the very first moment, with the vision of bringing artists from around the world together, facilitating meetings, exhibitions and workshops.

Art Capital - 2020


What an amazing venue and art experience Art Capital in Paris was. Trevisan International Art was honored and privileged being at the Grand Palais and represent a beautiful group of professional and excellent artists.


It was the edition of a special year for Paola Trevisan who can look back with satisfaction on the nearly 20 years of activity of Trevisan International Art, of which she is the founder and curator, gratified by the continuous expansion and by having been able to count on a valid group of selected artists from nearly 30 countries.

Assonanze - 2023


For “Assonanze” exhibition Paola Trevisan selected artworks from 15 international artists coming from nine different countries. Trevisan International Art proudly curated and presented this selection of artists coming from different countries, who revealed their intensity, imagination and artistic sensibility, developing a wide range of shades, styles and expressions.