Sia Braakman

Sia Braakman - Trevisan International Art

Sia Braakman’s artistic personality makes her favour the colour blue, in a range of different hues that are nonetheless always deep and bright. Stroke after stroke, Braakman creates her works following her own internal balance, gradually giving rise to sometimes light harmonies, other times more pronounced formal structures, where individual strokes and pictorial gestures converse and play with each other in harmony.

The meaning of colours and stroke leads her to profound meditations and pictorial experimentation. The blue colour represents life to her, blue is the colour of sky and sea, the basic necessities of life; the yellow is the colour of cheerfulness and sunshine – the beautiful things in life and the red is the colour of sadness and pain, unfortunately, these are also part of a human life.

Captured by the beauty and vitality of blues, yellows and reds, Braakman entrusts them with the task of transferring her own universe onto canvas and the surrounding nature and feelings – often of surprise, impotence, wonder, freedom, desire – into works of art that are the result of her comprehensive research and experimentation on formal composition, rhythm, colours and their meaning.