The Illusion of Reality – 2019

There is a fine line, albeit deep and particular, which is the boundary between these two dimensions of Illusion and Reality and it attracts me because every artist perceives and presents his/her own reality, unique, unrepeatable and absolutely fascinating.

Authors, immersed in their experiences, throughout their personal creative journey, tend towards an indispensable autonomy linked to freedom of expression, such as the freedom to let one’s creativity and art flow, without constrictions, without the limits posed by rules and restrictions, without the fear – but with the will – to discover unknown paths. The courage to get away from a visible and known reality, to create another reality – personal and unique, expressed through emotions, sensations, impulses, leaving their traces on canvas or other matter: this is for me one of the most fascinating aspects of an artist’s life, in which abandonment and letting oneself be driven by energy and creative intuition, also express the joy of experimenting with innovative ways.

In choosing the theme for ‘The Illusion of Reality’, I drew on my belief that artists, powerfully interacting with the proposed subject, would have responded letting flow their intimate imaginary into artworks where reality and illusion, visible and invisible, originated strong vibrations in a significant and sustained dialogue.

November 30 @ 09:40 — December 12 @ 10:40
09:40 — 10:40 (288h 59′)

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