Magic. The Magic Paths of Art – 2006

The exhibition “Magic. The Magic Paths of Art” aims to be related with Magic as an element very much present in most different cultures and ages, particularly during the Middle Ages and still today where it represents a strong source of fascination and suggestion in our artistic world still. The magical is a fascinating component of our existence and this manifestation represents an invitation to go without fear towards that side which  is not necessarily dark, unknown and sinister but also a wonderful discovery of a parallel reality, able to help us understand and interpret particular aspects, events and coincidences.

Thanks to their talent and sensitivity, artists are the best interpreters of Nature and Reality. Their creative work is an alchemy of sorts mixing indeed several components unknown to the public and producing  strong feelings, attraction; an alphabet for reading the world and its signs.

November 18 @ 18:00 — November 26 @ 21:00
18:00 — 21:00 (195h)

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