Intrecci 2024

Bologna warmly welcomed this art event where 18 artists coming from different parts of Europe and the world – including Australia, Colombia, Japan and Nigeria – told their stories, revealing and presenting a wide artistic range of nuances, styles and expressions.

Recently, thanks to the artists with whom the curator Paola Trevisan has collaborated for years but not only, has had confirmation of how art means exchange and growth, and still has a great power to unite through its universal and transversal language.

All exhibiting artists, with great personality, creativity and dedication, have created works of great artistic and aesthetic value which together have given the exhibition a character of harmony but also of great exchange and meeting because their authors have in common the same perception of art and its role and a great environmental awareness.

A massive and heartfelt thank you to all exhibitors who made possible having another beautiful and very special exhibition of this format, which become already an annual event for Trevisan International Art and for Bologna.

June 15 @ 18:00 — June 26 @ 18:00
18:00 — 18:00 (264h)

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