Art Capital – 2020

Trevisan International Art Gallery, based in Bologna (Italy) since 2003, has presented many fine art exhibitions in Italy, in Europe and overseas. As director I took great pleasure in exhibiting in Paris, for the first time at Art Capital and for which I selected artworks from 15 internationally recognised creators from 12 different countries.

Trevisan proudly curated and presented a selection of international and professional artists who revealed their intensity, imagination and artistic sensibility, developing a wide range of shades and expressions. The trait d’union of these artists represented by Trevisan was based on the diversity of talent, strength and integrity of these creators.

These artists on display strongly believe that the emotional and intuitive aspect of a work of art – but also the way we approach it – has an extraordinary power and always proves the first protagonist of today’s art, in which free imagination plays a key role. It is precisely that – imagination – the source from which all artists draw when they set off on their fascinating journeys.

Trevisan International Art is also special in promoting the power of union and harmony of the arts through its international character, in its exhibitions and participations at Art Fairs, representing artists coming from all the globe.

Paola Trevisan

Director of Trevisan International Art

February 12 @ 18:00 — February 16 @ 21:00
18:00 — 21:00 (99h)

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