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Fifteen years TIA: Stories about art, Events and Good Times
Paola Trevisan


Dear artists
Trevisan International Art in 2018-2019 looks back at 15 years of continual expansion, with selected artists from more than 40 countries. To celebrate this anniversary, it's my aim to dedicate this new page to our first decade and a half of activity. 
I'd like to invite artists to share their stories about art, TIA events, friendships and good times on this page. Thanks for sending us your stories,



Adrian Chu Redmond
10 September 2018

Being a TIA represented artist has been a rewarding experience professionally and personally. Curator Paola Trevisan has offered me an opportunity to explore the art market beyond the United States. My first exhibition with TIA was the Little Treasures exhibition 2014 in Bologna, Italy. The gallery was crowded. I was completely surprised and honored to receive the “Award of Excellence” for my paintings. What an amazing experience to honored at such an event!

Over the past 4 years, I have participated in multiple international exhibitions with TIA. This past summer, I was blessed to be part of TIA’s Artist in Residence program in Peschici, Italy and I am also looking forward to participating in an exhibition in Madrid and celebrating Paola’s 15th year in business this fall. I am happy I will be able to be with Paola in Madrid for her big anniversary celebration. Paola has a special gift in attracting professional artists from all over the world. Her talent is to pull us all together, whether it be at a well orchestrated show at a European gallery or to have us enjoy painting together in a far away inspirational setting. Her passion allows ART to be the forefront of making the world one.

Karen Hopkins
24 July 2018

I took part in two Little Treasures exhibitions at Gallerie de Marchi but I also participated in further exhibitions curated by Paola. This year 2018 I was invited to take part in the artist residency in Peschici, Puglia. I have been both honored and inspired to be invited and take part in events organized by Paola Trevisan.
The aritsts Paola attracts and the calm creative way she organizes events make each event inspirational creative and a wonderful networking opportunity as well as deep global connection. I feel it is through connections such as these, global peace can be realized. Thank you Paola.

Karl Maenz
6 January 2014

It happened at the June 2013 Gargano workshop. Admiring bystanders infected an artist with a strong "good-humour-bug". The more the artist tried, the more she joked, grinned, giggled, laughed .... in short the masterpiece still awaits its glorious completion. (The artist achieved other masterpieces without distraction). Thankfully, the artist has meanwhile recovered from the infection. Eccolo, the spirit of Gargano, many good works and also a lot of fun for all.

Grazie Paola, all your events are extraordinary, for their artistic quality, their global reach, their beautiful setting, and especially the fabulous human warmth you radiate. Un abbraccio to you and to all the wonderful artists I was fortunate to meet over the years.

Sieglinde Battley
7 January 2014

..... The infected artist still has not quite recovered from her failure, especially because the ruined painting was aimed to depict Karl Maenz, flying in from Switzerland on her demand over snowy mountains, in disguise of a bewildered angel. Hah! Serves him right for all his joking about the serious business of Art! Neither he nor anybody else may ever see the masterpiece! For the time being the image has turned into a blue flowerpot with a cactus in it ... that's my art for you!

But the artist has her own reason for her failure: The beloved hotel bar was not open this year. No margaritas could ease the pain of creating (Rebecca, my friend, where are you?), and no dancing through the night. May the bar be open in 2014!

Love to all the lovely people I have met over the last 10 years through you Paola and friendships we have formed. Abbraccio per tutti e a presto.

Kathryn Hart
14 January 2014

I have had the honor and pleasures of knowing Paola and being one of her artists for several years. She a wonderful, professional curator of international artists, who orchestrates each exhibition into a single voice, marrying the different artists into harmony, while keeping their separate identities.

Her exhibitions are masterpieces and exciting events, written about by many impressed reviewers. Paola has also become a fabulous friend. Most memorable is the recent "Passages" exhibit in Madrid at the Ateneo de Madrid. A top-notch exhibition, Opening Reception, camaraderie of all of the artists and copious amounts of wine filled our week!

A big THANK YOU to Paola Trevisan and congratulations on 10 years for Trevisan International Art!

Paul Brotherton
15 January 2014

Thank you so much Paola, for asking me to show in Little Treasures 2012, which proved to be so important for my career.

The exhibitions with you in Vico del Gargano (Puglia) and Galway (Ireland) were also truly memorable experiences.

Not only are you one of the most talented and empathetic Curators I have worked with, the TIA family of Artists and friends have been so wonderful and supportive. Perhaps a highlight was the crazy but fantastic wintertime adventure to 'San Valentino' (see photo)… but that's long story!"

Zeina Nader Selwan
15 January 2014

Participating in the TIA shows was a beautiful experience. I have had the pleasure to meet artists from all over the world and appreciate the diversity and the unique skills of each one of them. I was also thrilled by the "Bertelli Prize" I received for my abstract paintings, during the "Variations" exhibition in Bologna. It was an amazing surprise that was offered to me by my dear friend, Paola, who's always working for quality and more professionalism throughout the shows she curates. No wonder why the ten years for Trevisan Art have been an immense success!

I look forward for more colors and creativity and I am proud and lucky to be part of this artistic celebration. Love, Zeina Nader Selwan

Ann Dunbar
15 January 2014
I have the greatest honour of being introduced to Paola by my dearest friend and amazing artist, Keith Morant at the Florence Biennale 2007. She kept her promise and got in touch with me. Paola is reliable, honest, hard working and a highly professional curator. I enjoy taking part in her shows.

Thank you for you friendship and support. I enjoy being part of the team and have made so many good friends world-wide.

Long live TIA.
Manisha Vedpathek
16 January 2014

It is my pleasure and honor to know this wonderful and very warm personality, Paola Trevisan.

She is an excellent and professional curator. I had participated in "Variations" exhibition in November 2013. The Exhibition was very well organized by Paola. We had such a wonderful opening reception.

Would love to work with her again.

Ton Lindhout
16 January 2014
On the very first day I met Paola it was if I had also a sister in Italy. In all those years when I‘m joining one of her very fine and professional exhibitions, that feeling was always there.

Her spontaneous way of doing things was for me a big surprise when she came to Holland for the opening of my solo exhibition two years ago. This is real friendship but above all she has made Trevisan International Art a leading business in the art world with always special care for her artists.

Congratulations Paola and three kisses, as we do in Holland!
Rosa Mascarell
17 January 2014

I was honoured to be selected by Trevisan International Art to take part in the Ferrara Art Fair of 2008. It inspired personal growth and a turn in
my work due to the opportunity of getting to know international artists and conversing with them. Many of them have become close friends.

I am grateful to Paola Trevisan for the opportunities she has offered me repeatedly throughout these years, and for her friendship and her good advice always.

Adam Balogh
17 January 2014
As an artist, I am always looking for a deep inner peace of the spirit. My own voice. Standing in the sand of the beautiful Gargano while painting among my friends, I could see how many different points of view we can embrace the beauty in our artworks. That was one of the right places to assist each other in finding this universal inspiration and conscience in the field of creativity.

May the angel of harmony draw us nearer with each passing year and may understanding grow by returning to these memorable events all around the world using Paola's professionalism and reliability!
Keith Morant
17 January 2014
As a struggling artist situated (in New Zealand) on the very edge of the planet (and its art world), I consider myself extremely lucky to have been accepted by Paola Trevisan and her wonderful organisation. Over many years she has helped me with strong guidance and curatorship and allowed me to exhibit my work in different venues worldwide. Her genuine and honest care has been a wonderful gift to many artists and I am especially proud to be one of them.

Congratulations on ten years of resounding success Paola! I am sure that we are all looking forward to the next ten!
Rosario d'Espinay
17 January 2014

Working with Paola Trevisan is a very important professional experience in my career, but more than anything it's an extraordinary human and spiritual experience.
It's been two years since I’ve been participating in the exhibitions organized by TIA: Ferrara, Bologna, Galway, Madrid, and Vico del Gargano. Paola is a superb curator, methodical and striving for excellence.
Her sensitivity and keen eye are so refreshing for the world of art. She takes care of her artists in a unique way and each of us is important to her.
Paola has the eye, the heart and soul of the artist but she has something that we artists need: our feet on the ground!

I am very proud to be part of her life and to be able to celebrate together the 10th anniversary of TIA.- Rosario d'Espinay Saint Luc

Inger Dillan Antonsen
17 January 2014
I am so grateful to be one of Paola Trevisan's artists in TIA. The high professional quality together with the warm friendship is unique. Thank you Paola, for finding me and bringing me together with so many talented artists as well.
Elaine Alibrandi
18 January 2014
When Paola first contacted me about my work, which she had seen on the small webpage I had at the time, and invited me to exhibit in Bologna, I thought I was dreaming. I didn't realize then that that email she sent would turn into the friendship we have established. Because of Paola, I have had the opportunity to meet and exhibit with other wonderful artists who have also become my dear friends. And I've had experiences that will always be with me.

Paola is a consummate professional, a visionary, and a joy to work with. I always know that my work and I are in good hands, and that she will show my art to its best advantage. Paola, thank you for the opportunities I've experienced because of you, and congratulations on 10 years of wonderful work!
Iwona Lifsches
18 January 2014
I joined TIA only recently, however, during 'Variations' show and during its preparation, I was very impressed by Paola Trevisan. She is the main driving force behind the course and the creator of all the events. She is absolutely fabulous, supportive, helpful, and reliable. Her motivation was tremendous. Thank you Paola. You had such a positive impact on me and all the other artists you gather. It's an honor and a pleasure to be a member of TIA.
Carol Rowling
20 January 2014
I have known Paola for 6 years now and have enjoyed her professionalism, warmth and friendship over that time. Through Paola I have met and made wonderful friendships.

I will always remember with affection the great time we had when Paola came all the way to good old Australia, Melbourne to be exact for the Affordable Art Fair bringing a collection of international artists with her.

Congratulations TIA on ten wonderful years and here's to the next ten, may they be even more successful. Happy Anniversary from your Aussie friend.
Elspeth Penfold
20 January 2014
It has been a privilege to be invited to be a part of Trevisan International Art. Paola Trevisan is a wonderful curator who runs a tight ship. She sets both herself and her selected artists high standards both in terms of the quality of the artwork produced together with a responsible approach to each other, and herself, in committing to any project she organizes. The accompanying catalogues produced as a result of the exhibitions are always of excellent quality. Paola never fails to aim for and to achieve the highest standards in the work she does. I look forward to continuing to be a part of TIA and taking part in the events organised for its 10th anniversary celebrations. I also look forward to meeting up again with wonderful artists who have become good friends over the last year. When you join Trevisan International Art you join a team. Thank you Paola.
Fran McCann
20 January 2014

I met Paola Trevisan for the first time in the year 2005 at the International art exhibition held in the Castle Estense, located in the beautiful northern city of Farrara, Italy, where she was curator of the exhibition.

As far as I am concerned the exhibition in Farrara is one of the best International Art shows yet and seems to improve year after year. When it comes to putting on a good show, Paola makes it look so easy, she seems to have a natural talent for such things.

It is and always will be a great pleasure to work with Paola and I hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

Karin Berg
23 January 2014

I was one of the artists of the "Variations" exhibition, in November 2013, curated by TIA in Bologna. I was invited by Paola and that was the first contact we had. In the time before and after "Variations" I have had several contacts with Paola and I can say she is honest, trustful, nice, and she keeps the promises she makes. She is a good curator and knows what she is doing. Besides that the exhibition was very well organised. She made a beautifull catalogue and also the international catalogue Energia Creativa is very beautiful.

It was a pleasure to work with Paola and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again. I can recommend Paola if you get the chance to work with her.

Erica Fromme
24 January 2014

First of all, congratulations for the 10 years TIA and exhibitions worldwide. Paola is a very professionally working art curator with a big heart for artists. She brings together nations of artists and we all love her. Magnificent, gorgeous, fantastic these words come to my mind when I see her catalogs. Absolutley brillant with a very high quality. She has a view for all kinds of art and puts everything perfectly together. Great presentations always, but most important is the trust in her work.

Thank you Paola my friend!

Val Masferrer Oliveira
24 January 2014
Always a pleasure to work with extraordinary people. They make us feel free to create and proud to have our work curated by them. My experience working with Trevisan International Art couldn't be better. Paola Trevisan's professionalism has really impressed me. Her attention to detail, dedication and every effort to make the best of every show before, during and after the event does make a difference. I found in her a great professional and also a special friend. Thanks for all!
Christina Norberg
28 January 2014

Coming to Italy from Canada to exhibit my work with TIA was a dream come true. Paola Trevisan made it even more so. Her commitment to art and her artists was inspiring. She is hardworking, professional, and the same time very warm and caring. I was also impressed by the high quality of the show catalogue, and caliber of artists from around the world. I look forward to working with the amazing Paola Trevisan again in the future.

Leni Kae
29 January 2014
To put the artist first, is rare to see. This is what Paola does however, and I am sincerely appreciative for that, and I think one of the reasons for her success. To take the opportunity to find out about the artist, and help them along in their exhibition journey is a wonderful thing. I have always had great and detailed communication, and even though I am on the other side of the globe, there is a great sense of trust in what can only be described as a partner in art. Add to that a lovely personality and my dealings with Paola have been only positive. Congratulations Paola on your 10 years, and here's to many more.
Gunilla Oldenburg
14 February 2014

Salute for Trevisan International Art!

It is a pleasure to take part in the professionally curated exhibitions by Paola Trevisan. Her enthusiasm for Art and her care of the artists is admirable.
I have had the honour to show my works in Estense Castle Ferrara, Svevo Castle Trani and Galleria De Marchi Bologna.

Thank you Paola, with love from Sweden.

Bo Alstrom
14 February 2014

Many people observe art. Oh yes! Look here, here is a picture of some kind. They observe, but they don’t see …

Other people value art. Oh, a painting, is it valuable? The signature? Can I make a profit on it? They value, but they don´t see ...

Other people see art. Oh! a painting. What does it display. Does it fit in our sitting room? They see, but they don´t experience ...

Few people experience art. What remarkable picture! Maybe it is a message from another kind of reality. These people do not only see, they experience art.

Paola experiences art!

Anne-Marie Marin

14 February 2014

As a newcomer, I am very proud to be a TIA's artist. As I'm very impressed by Paola's professionalism, I really appreciate her availability and her kindness.

I am very pleased by the quality of the work of the presented artists. The catalog of «Variations» exhibition is beautiful.

I hope I'll still have many opportunities to work with Paola. She is «great!». Dear Paola, congratulations for your 10 years anniversary!

22 February 2014
Abelien Visser
Paola is a professional and dedicated art curator. It was a real pleasure to meet Paola and to work with her at the 'Variations' exhibition in Bologna where I received one of 'Bertelli' prices given to artists for their artistic quality.
Thank you Paola! I look forward to work with Trevisan International Art again in the near future.
22 February 2014
Ann van der Meer

My first international exhibition was 'Liberated Dreams', organised by Paola in April 2012 at the beautiful Estense Castle of Ferrara. Besides the wonderful collection of 'dreams' she succeeded to join in the spherefull cellars of the castle, it was a dreamstart for me as an artist as well! So well organised, with so much professionalism, and especially with the warmth of Paola in these art embracing surroundings gave me a wonderful start! The fullcolour catalogues of her exhibitions are an experience itself, I always use them in other exhibitions and they are admired by the public every time!

Many congratulations on your first decade Paola, I hope we will meet soon again!

22 February 2014
Ineke Christiaans
When we first began our journey to Bologna, we had no idea of the support, and professional, yet warm introduction we would receive from this wonderful person. She really wants to help beginning and struggling artists in many ways. But one struck me particularly, and is truly appreciated, and that is bringing all these artists together, because she realizes that the will, by instinct, network, inspire, and help each other to reach for their dreams.
So, Paola, a big CONGRATULATIONS on your 10th anniversary, and thanks for the push.

With kind regards, Ineke Christiaans and Willie Johnson
27 March 2015
Marjolijn Koppelaars

"It was a great honour that my work was selected by Paola for the Variations exhibition in Bologna. After meeting with Paola it felt like a personal honour. She has the capability to not only bring fantastic art together but at the same time bring people together. It felt like a warm welcome, a welcome that I will never forget and hopefully we will meet each other more often in the future, work together and share our passion for art. What you accomplished with TIA is very exceptional and I am delighted and proud to be a (smal) part of it. Thank you Paola!"

27 March 2015
G & C Barnhart

Many thanks Paola for all your help and hard work over the years in promoting and setting the stage for our International recognition, accomplishments and success... wishing you all the very best now and in the years to come...

17 May 2015
Olivia Alexander

I was introduced to Paola and TIA in 2010 and first exhibited with her in Bologna that year. This followed with several exhibitions and also in 2014 the Perceptions Workshop in San Meniao. What a wonderful experience and one that I will not forget! What I love about Paola is her trustworthy nature, professional approach, knowledge and energy. It is wonderful to find a curator that I know I can trust with my work. One of the great things about TIA is also it’s artists; I have met so many of them and now considered them my friends. I look forward to working with TIA more in the future.

17 May 2015
Ulla Haga

It was amazed and also surprised, when, for the first time, I was selected by Trevisan Internatonal Art to take part at the art exhibition "Liberated Dreams" at the Estense Castelle in Ferrara (2012). This was my first contact with Paola and I was very impressed about her unique way to take care of me as well as of all her artists around the world. Especially happy I felt, when she selected me as one of the two sculptors showing at "Passages Pasajes" in Madrid (2013). Also her efforts for the following show in Bologna (2014) with the transportation of my works were very remarkable. I am very thankful to Paola for everything she has taken care of and I reckon, like many other artists, that she is a very empathic and superb curator and a good friend.

17 May 2015
Bärbel Ricklefs-Bahr

When I was in holiday a couple of years ago I got an email from Paola inviting me to exhibit in Bologna at “Little Treasures”. I don’t know how she found me among the endless internet universe but I am happy that she did. Little Treasures was a big adventure for me because I never painted before on those little canvas. But, Thank you, Paola since that time I do it very often. Arriving in Bologna I received a very nice and warm welcome and it was a professional show. Also in Ireland and Spain the exhibitions were high professional, really good organized and well located. Paola knows how to bring art and artists together, she is fair and very familiar. I wish her and TIA all the best for the future and I hope we will again work together with all the nice artists I know already through you.

17 May 2015
Joy Moore

It has been, and continues to be an honour and a pleasure to work with Paola. She first invited me to participate in the lovely “Little Treasures” exhibition at Bologna and then the workshops and exhibitions in Gargano. Due to Paola’s hard work, professionalism and above all her wonderful personality I have met many fellow artists, which is wonderful in the art world as it is a lonely profession. The opportunity to spend time with like-minded people from many different countries is invaluable. Paola is always encouraging and helpful, she should be very proud of Trevisan International Art. Long may it continue.



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