suus suiker

The Netherlands

Subconscious (80x80 cm)
Tabula smaragdina
Prometheus - Ne nachtvlinder
Suus Suiker (1966) made her first painting when she was eight years old. Since then she could not think of a life without painting and drawing. The paintings of great painters like: Gustav Klimt, John Waterhouse, Alfons Mucha and Salvador Dali fascinated her. At the age of eighteen she decided to study Arts at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, the Netherlands, where she completed her art studies. After her graduation she worked as a designer for a well known advertising agency. Since 1991 Suus is working as an independent artist and designer.
Her paintings are highly appreciated in Holland and several other countries, which resulted in a rank in the listing of 100 best modern artists Holland. In her paintings she combines abstract and figurative elements with a magical realism and spiritual base. Her artwork shows a mixture of subtle area’s, flowing lines and heavy structures. Besides acrylic paint she also uses different materials like fabrics, metal, glass and sand. She always pays special attention to the finest of details. The human figure, historical elements, myths and religion are her source of inspiration.
‘The most fascinating worlds which lay hidden under the surface reveal themselves as soon as the paint touches the canvas.’
The Blues (80x80 cm)
Byzantium (100x100 cm)
Les Caves
The first bug is this fairytale
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