The Art of Douglas Ross
The men and women in Doug Ross's pieces have flawlessly porcelaneous skin and bodies too beautiful to cover in anything more than veils, sarongs and loin cloths.
Jean Dark
Flamingo Dance
A Dream come True
Always solemn in expression and often in reverently elegant poses, they are holy beings reminiscent of the Madonna, druid priestesses, nymphs, and Biblical queens.
Owl Dancer
Hidden Consolation
Holiness and physical beauty seem intertwined to the point where one might go so far as to say that the subjects are beautiful because they are holy or holy because they are beautiful.
Serious Commitment
There is no decay in the pristine world Ross creates and the skies are perpetually majestic, often filled with clouds gathering for what may be a divine manifestation.
Enigmatta by Tahiyd

A Part of Me Dies by Tahiyd
Mary was the Mother of a Criminal

The lighting dramatizes stone, marble, flesh and fabric, sometimes to Rembrandtesque extremes. The sun and the moon, often worshiped in the ancient times Ross's pieces recall, here seem subservient, existing only to enhance the beauty of men and women.

Eugene Hwang (Review of work at the Ico Gallery, New York)

Born in 1954 in New York and living in Ireland since 1966. My work is an attempt to create a contemporary mythological iconography. The highly stylized figures and often epic feel to the pictures is borne out of my belief that our lives are heros/heroines journeys and that the myths of our times have to do with an ascending feminine energy and a deep questioning about the exercise of power by any person or group over another. I have been blessed with wonderful collaborators in making my work, many of whom have engaged directly with me in the shaping of the themes and the style of the images.