keith morant

I was born in England 1944 and have been obsessed with art all my life. I have drawn and painted for as long as I can remember and, following two years academic art tuition broke away to follow my own path of individual expression. I worked and exhibited in London and Southern England until moving to New Zealand in 1973. Since my arrival and marriage in New Zealand. I have lived and worked as a full-time painter in Christchurch. From 1986 I travelled and exhibited in London, New York, and Tokyo. My wife and I moved to New York in 1989 where I worked for a year and exhibited in Manhattan and London. I am now resettled in Christchurch, New Zealand as a full-time painter.


Artist Statement

My art is always a journey of discovery into the essence of being. It is an effort to externalise the truth of my own existence on as many levels as possible and communicate a greater awareness of the quality of life. It is an attempt to generate enquiry into the greater spheres of understanding which lie beyond conventionalised intellection.

In trying to come to terms with my compulsion to paint I have read deeply on the subjects of art, artists, philosophy, psychology and human creative history in general. It has been my desire to comprehend not only the multifold meanings of art, but also, more importantly, the reasoning behind my own innate desire to create. My findings, while certainly enriching my mind as to the necessity of art as a natural balancing process of the collective human psyche, has not given any satisfactory explanations or conclusions as to my personal predilection. Indeed, my researches have often lead me in a contrary direction where I am often confounded by the perversity and unreliability inherent to the so-called 'art scene'. Of course, in this age of ultra-communication and media conditioning, the dissemination of knowledge is at once both manipulative and out of control. The plethora of paradoxes and downright absurdities one encounters in the jungle of jargonese of art writers alone is enough to confuse the most enlightened of researchers. My own investigations have led me to conclude that, on one hand, any art knowledge can only be related to in retrospect, and on the other, while it may be of certain educational value, such knowledge is quite useless as an indicator to future directions or progressive states in art.

I have been painting now for over forty years and I believe such experience has given me an evolving advantage where sometimes-satisfactory conclusions may be reached. However, every painting is a totally new experiment and I know that I will never live long enough to experience any form of ultimate satisfaction or so-called success. What small accomplishments I do experience must stay deep within myself in the knowledge that they may not necessarily communicate their fullest potential in my own lifetime. I must always work for the future in the hope that someday my understanding beyond knowledge will communicate whatever it is that nature is saying through me - the feelings of today are the thoughts of tomorrow.

It is my wish that my own work, while initially seen only by the eye, will also eventually be perceived by mind, and thus become conducive to some small expansion of human conscious awareness.

Art is always an answer awaiting its questions.

Keith Morant

Folk Music Music for Manhattan

Nocturne Soho Song
Tribeca Tarantella Uptown Vibrato
Adriatic Dream
Memory Halo I
Music When Soft Voices Die
Fruit For Ferrara
Spirit of Travel
Zenergy I

Arcanum I to IV (mixed media on stretched canvas)
At the 2007 Florence Biennale
with New York art critic Edward Rubin
‘Lorenzo Il Magnifico’ ‘Premio alla Carriera’
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At the 2007 exhibition ‘Spirit – The Spirit in Art’, Estense Castle, Ferarra, Italy - awarded for ‘The Manifestation of the Spiritual in Art’