ignacio montano connected with outer space
Here is a thought which I like to call it “crescendo”
I have always had difficulty as far as I can remember in understanding why we as a human culture and race historically in general and implicitly, particularly artists in its majority thru their deeds of expression, have almost colluded to say the least, with the magnates of the arts and refused to accept a simple fact that we are not alone neither in our galaxy nor in the universe at large.
Thus and as a result of this tragic tradition of ridiculous denial of other existences beyond ours, artists with an inherent universal vent in expressing themselves on this realm of the “unknown” existence, that without a doubt pertains implicitly and explicitly to our own existence and universe, thus central and of paramount importance for us as “earthians”, and artists to express it in the aesthetic realm of supreme beauty and spirit, and which without we would be left breathless, lifeless, doom to oblivion at the universe at large. These artists, this beginning nascent and robust elite is rejected by the almost ubiquitous traditional rancid arts establishment, or throwing out and diluted or portray on the media as science fiction at best.
In conclusion in today’s world of “www” and cyberspace we are out of the closet and indeed for the first time making a difference and enjoying a public that we never dreamed of before, and just simply having a vibrant time and bright future.
Ignacio Montano
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