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Money Finish

"Through the years I have created a wide variety of things. My website represents a small percentage of work completed over a period of about forty years as a working artist.

Many of the works created were never documented, and I have no idea where they are. Some of the other projects I worked on were residences, where I built not only the structure, but hand built windows with unique engineering properties. I rebuilt a grocery store at one point---and many other projects.

When I was very young, one of my teachers introduced me to the work of Karl Schmidt Rottluff, and his belief that the artist should build all of his or her work, including frames for paintings. This idea has always remained with me. Even with furniture, I think it is important for the concept to be art, and not just simply a piece of industrial design--perhaps this is a by-product of having considered the teachings from the Bauhaus in Weimar.

A lot of my work has been sculpture, and related ideas. In this regard, I see all materials as potential for inclusion in the creative process. Material can express and describe its own unique properties, and sometimes can be used as metaphors."


For artist David Kastner, content is more important than technique.

This multimedia artist moves beyond the mere technical to understand how materials he engages work, exploiting their properties to find what he is most interested in: meaning, ideas, and concepts.

A Coffee Bag
Folly $ 100 Million Skull

Through the years his art has been included in solo and group shows in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Paris, France, Tokyo, Japan, Ferrara, Italy, New York City, Legnano, Italy, Rotterdam Netherlands, Mannheim Germany, and other venues.

The Broadway Gallery (Soho), and DLC Fine Art (Chelsea) New York City, Galerie Boehner, Mannheim, Germany, and Nihonbashi La Seine, Tokyo, Japan represent Kastner’s art internationally.

Notable exhibitions:

University of Notre Dame (1978), Midwest Museum of American Art (1981), JIAS (1981) XV Grand Prix Intl d’arte Contemporain de Monte Carlo (1982), XVIII Mosta Internazionale de Scultura all’Aperto, Milano (1982), Fort Wayne Museum of Art, two man show with Jerry Uelsmann (1983), 3a Mostra intl’ de Piccola Scultura, Milan (1987), 2nd Salon Intl’ de peinture de Paris (1987), 3rd Salon Intl’ de Paris (1988), Salon Intl’ de Paris (1989), American States Insurance ((1991), Alabama Biennial (1991), Tokyo Central Museum (1993), Gallery Mido ((1995), Sedona Sculpture Walk (1997), National Museum Tianjin China (2006), Ferrara Italy (2008), Broadway Gallery NYC (2009), Salon Intl’ de Paris (2009), Nihonbashi la Seine Tokyo (2009), Spiral Hall Aoyama Japan (2010), Osnabruck Intl’ Art Fair (2010), Rotterdam Intl’ Art Fair (2010), Galerie Boehner, Mannheim (2010), Spiral Hall Aoyama Japan (2011), Art Liste Berlin (2011).


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