Saadia Bahat: "Clay in the Hands of the Artist"
For 37 years I worked as a R&D engineer, sculpture being always my hobby.
Upon retirement, in 1993, I decided to become everyday less of an engineer and more and more – a professional artist.
Very soon this transformation happened and now, 17 years later, and more than 300 sculptures and reliefs, I am addicted to creative work.
I am doing monumental / environmental and inside works, and am active in Israel and several other countries.
My work is largely influenced by the materials I am using. Those are mainly stone, wood and metal – I just love all of them.
The confrontation between the "character" of the material and my own character and temperament, are very important factors in my creative work.
A very significant moment in my career was when I reached a stage when even the hardest granite or basalt stone, became to me like "Clay in the Hands of the Artist".
Besides the excitement of finishing a new piece, of seeing something that appeared only in my imagination, and is now turning into a tangible piece of art, I am enjoying the process of work as well.
Even the noisy and dusty work with stone, handling big blocks and heavy tools, are part of my satisfaction. Hours behind the respiratory mask and ear plugs, partly shut off from the environment, have their own charm.
I am mainly creating abstract work, generally avoiding doing works which could be expressed in words or in writing. Figurative work is mostly not sufficient to satisfy my creative drive.
I also prefer the fact that abstract work is impacting directly on the viewer's feelings, while figurative works address, primarily, his rational thinking (which I could reach verbally – without investing hours of hard work).
Saadia Bahat