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11 - 15 May 2017


12ième Salon d'Art Contemporain

Parc Jourdan, Aix en Provence, France




3 - 15 October 2017

Trevisan Internationa Art

Sala Prado, Ateneo de Madrid

c/Prado, 21, Madrid, Spain




Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy

25 November - 7 December 2017

This has been the ninth successful edition of this highly popular exhibition of small works. - Paola Trevisan





"Liittle Treasures" exhibition, the international art event that every year fills the walls of the De Marchi gallery with paintings and people that come see them on the opening day and for its whole duration. An event which, in its tenth edition, from 26 November to 8 December 2016, brought a quantity of fresh international art to Bologna, thanks to Paola Trevisan’s Trevisan International Art, a brand that has made the quality of artistic research its mission.

Michela Turra

Art Journal, January/February 2017 issue

Since we started this collaboration with the Ateneo de Madrid in 2013, we have worked together as curators Paola Trevisan and Rosa Mascarell Dauder. For this year, we have reunited to select and present this collection of high quality artworks from creators recognized worldwide. Many exhibiting artists will be present at the fair, adding a unique touch to the exhibition, guaranteeing a warm and lively atmosphere in the Sala Prado at the Ateneo and providing a valuable opportunity for artistic, cultural and human exchange. - Paola Trevisdan
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TIA's 2016 workshop has been held at Peschici, in the beautiful South of Italy.

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I'm very proud of the high quality of this "Little Treasures" edition and I feel privileged to have met so many talented artists and lovely people coming from all around the world (more than 80 artists coming from 30 different countries).
It was a great opening night with a warm and very international atmosphere and with a contagious joy among all artists, public and the whole Trevisan International Art team.
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TIA's 7th annual international workshop


San Menaio will again be the setting for our annual international workshop “Percezioni”, the event's 7th edition.

Curators are Matteo Fiorentino and Paola Trevisan.

Hotel Residence Marechiaro has again offered to be our main sponsor.

If you are interested, please contact Paola Trevisan for availability and conditions:


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  the illusion of reality

90 artists from 30 countries
galleria de marchi, bologna

29 november - 11 december, 2014
opening 29 november at 17.30

"This exhibition will introduce to the public a selected group of talented and innovative artists who will reveal their strength, fantasy and artistic sensibility, developing a wide range of shades and expressions. The result will be a multicoloured and harmonic path in which it is not possible to escape the exciting sensations generated by the purity and the energy springing from the chromatic vibrations, the powerful pictorial marks, the formal and figurative compositions and the variety of textures."

Paola Trevisan from the Catalogue preface


TIA's Second Special Event in Madrid

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Workshop "Percezioni"
San Menaio, Southern Italy, 8-15 June 2014


San Menaio was again the setting for our annual international workshop “Percezioni”, the event's 6th edition.

Curators were Matteo Fiorentino and Paola Trevisan.

Some twenty artists from Italy and across the world participated, painting by the sea, and inspired by the breathtaking Gargano scenery.

A special grazie goes to our main sponsor, Hotel Residence Marechiaro.

Please enjoy the Youtube video:


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Looking back: Salon du Sm'art, Aix en Provence
1-5 May 2014
It was a precious and intense experience I was lucky to share with special artists and friends - Paola Trevisan

    Photo credits © Stephane Dutal and Karl Maenz

Looking back: "Little Treasures", a small format exhibition, Galleria De Marchi, Bologna,12-24 April 2014

Dear Artists,

We had a wonderful exhibition of our 'Little Treasures' in the presence of artists, visitors and friends. The quality and the variety of the artworks was impressive. This is only a short feedback. More details and photos will follow very soon. A big thank you to all participant artists who gave me the possibility to put together another beautiful show.

Paola Trevisan

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"Variations", a small format exhibition, Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, November 2013

Dear Artists,

'Variations' had a well attended opening on Saturday, 16 November at 17:30. A high level quality exhibition, 'Variations' exhibits the creative artworks of 72 artists coming from more than 30 countries.

The atmosphere among the public and artists was very warm and friendly, which made the opening a special evening for everyone.


As usual at these small format exhibitions, the assembly of so many unique works of art again results in a fabulous, harmonious whole.

A big Thank You to all artists for their creative contributions at another exciting international event.

Paola Trevisan

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"Passages", Ateneo de Madrid, October 2013

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TIA Workshop San Menaio, June 2013

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"Vibrant Synchronies", Ireland, May-June 2013
"Little Treasures", a small format exhibition, Galleria de Marchi, Bologna, March-April 2013
Little Treasures was again another wonderful mini format show.

Creativity, colors, variety, but above all high quality have been protagonists of this last edition. I'm very happy with the results of the show and very grateful to all exhibitors to whom goes this applause because each of you deserve a big 'bravo' and a big 'thank you'!
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TIA at San Valentino, Vico del Gargano, February 2013
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